Linerbolt Removal Tool

When your relines demand high performance, predicable and reliable results, the LRT is the right tool for the job. Powerful, high-energy impact from recoilless hydraulic technology is ideal for removing the toughest liners and linerbolts from large SAG and Ball mills. The massive 1500 Joule strike energy from the LRT120™ will handle the toughest of relines.

Smart design keeps scheduled services efficient with cost effective service kits and spare parts. With full on-board monitoring and diagnostics, service and maintenance time is minimized to keep your relines on time.

Liner Handlers

RACE provide customized design Mill Liner handlers to suit your mill.  We have taken decades of experience designing and servicing liner handlers for other OEM's and developed the next generation in reliability and usability. 

The highest quality standards, combined with the industry’s most serviceable and maintenance friendly design, results in maximum up-time and minimum cost for regular service and major rebuilds.

We listen to the industry professionals to continually improve our technology. 

Mobile Jib

Linerbolt Removal Tools are typically suspended using either RACE’s Mobile Hydraulic Jib or Hydraulic Winch and monorail system.  Pairing the RACE LRT with RACE Suspension systems gives the advantage of fully integrated control and safety systems.  Suspension controls; extend/retract (Jib only) and raise/lower (Jib & Winch) are operated from the LRT handset.

Mobile jibs are suited to feed and discharge ends of mills and can be used for mill shell bolt removal when the length of the shell does not exceed the extended reach range.

Safe Liner Handling

It can be the little things that make all the difference.  RACE has a range of certified lifting devices that will make your reline more efficient and keep your reline crew safe.

RACE Scissors are a quick and safe way to lock into the back of worn liners and securely interlocked with purpose made RACE hooks.

Bolt Grips are an equally safe and fast solution for lifting liners when bolts remain stuck on knock in.